Social program

Our sponsors will facilitate our informal communication by several activities:

  1. Each evening they will arrange an outing to nature or in a summer-house, depending on weather, with Moldovan barbeque, wines and cognacs - except one evening or late afternoon, when they organize a special event (see the next).

  2. Moldova is a worldwide known wine making country with two largest wine cellars in the World (, and, where the second one is listed in Guinness World Records Book. These are two underground cities with wine brands names of streets, like "Cabernet", "Aligote" - each city with around 200 km total length of streets . The participants of the conference visiting Moldova will participate in a car tour of one of these cellars, ending with lunch in a restaurant of the winery and a program of tasting selected wines to learn the art of degustation of wines. The participants will also take home a small collection of samples of selected wines.